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Coises’ Songs

Songs with videos

Aftershock • Written November 22–23, 2013; recording and video finished December 1, 2013. It is about any being—a dog, a child, a family member, a friend—that is suddenly no longer there.

Flying Lessons • Written October 29 – November 6, 2013 and recorded November 9, 2013. This is for the ones who grew up with me.

Miss Me for a While • Written September 11, 2010 and recorded September 12–13, 2010. This is really meant for a female voice.

Meet Me in the Sunset • Written and recorded July 10–14 2010.

Carry the Weight of Love • This was written mostly in October, 2010; I finished the recording and the video on June 25, 2011. The title phrase was inspired by Allen Ginsberg’s poem Song.

Rising Up to Shut You Down • This is a protest song written and recorded in April, 2011.

Some recordings

A Friend Request • Written and recorded December 23–25, 2011.

Lightning in Your Hand • Written and recorded in late September, 2010.

Heartbeat • Written July 10, 2008 and recorded in April, 2009.

Old Man Rock • Written September 6–7, 2010 and recorded September 7, 2010; this remix December 31, 2011.

Wishes and Fishes • A cappella doo-wop, written and recorded July 18–24, 2011.

Chicken Little Blues • A song dedicated to pessimists everywhere, written September 14–16, 2010. I started recording just after writing it, but I didn’t finish the mix until May, 2011.

Sunday Clown • Written July 9, 2010. The idea for this came to me in bed one night, awake at three in the morning, after watching an episode of Dexter involving a man who was estranged from his wife and children.

Searchlight • I wrote this just after Thanksgiving in 2008 and finished recording it just before Easter in 2009.

Flood Plain • Recorded and mixed January 5–7, 2012. I wrote the lyrics January 4–5, 2012; the tune is about a week older.

More recordings

Don’t Get Your Hopes Up • Written in June of 2008.

Debbie’s Tune • I composed this piano invention in 2001 or 2002 but only got around to writing it down and making a quick recording in August of 2008.

Pretty Mary • I started writing this in June 2011 and finished recording and mixing on December 18, 2011. The instruments are from Garritan Jazz & Big Band 3 (flute, clarinet) and Personal Orchestra 4 (oboe, bassoon, harpsichord).

Mourning Comes the Dawn • A contemporary folk-style tune from Spring of 2010 with lyrics written in May, 2011; recorded May 23–27, 2011.

We’re Number One • A satiric reflection on the elimination of Osama bin Laden; written May 3, 2011, recorded and mixed May 5–7.

The Kind Side • Written and recorded June 13–16, 2011. The two lines which begin and end the song refer to something that happened to a man Carol and I knew in Venice, California around 1989 (though his name was Danny, not Jack).

Make Me a River • This is a simple love song, almost a lullaby, written and recorded November 10–16, 2011.

Cinema • Written September 1, 2010 and recorded September 2–3, 2010.

Love in 4/4 Time • A rather silly song written and recorded in May, 2011.

Long, Low Dog • Written and recorded April 4–11, 2012.

Recordings from the 1990s

8/9/95 • Written August 9 1995, in about 15 minutes, after I heard some sad news on The Late Show with David Letterman. Not just for Jerry, but for all those whose passing has left our world a little bit colder.

Thru Those Eyes • Written March 28, 1992 and recorded August 13, 1997.

California (Dance for Free) • Written in July of 1992.

Song for Carol • Written March 20, 1992, during an extended period of time when Carol and I were unable to be together. This was the first of my own songs that I recorded.

Winter Hymn • Written December 2, 1996. This recording is a 2005 remix of a 1996 tracking session.

Songs not yet recorded

Just Bring Me Home • Written in August of 2010. This was the first song I wrote that was intended for a female voice.

Never Had a Reason • Written for Valentine’s Day 2015.

Come Away, Linda • A duet for alto and tenor, written in September, 2010.

Sing Me a Song about Old Chicago • Written June 13, 2010. I worked out the tune for this, and the repeating lines in the chorus, in May of 2009; but it took me over a year to get the verses lined up.