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These programs are free (as in “free speech” and as in “free beer”). Accordingly, they are not warranted in any way, nor can support be promised; but I’d be happy to hear about your experiences with them, and I will try to solve any problems you have with them if I can. Send e-mail to Software@Coises.com.

Coises’ Expectation version 2.0.1
Coises’ Expectation is a solitaire word game in which you try to form nine words simultaneously while seeing the upcoming letters just seven at a time. It’s written in HTML and JavaScript. There is nothing to download; the link will open in a new browser window and you can begin playing. (However, be patient when first opening the page, as there may be some delay while your browser acquires the list of over 256,000 words used to check your input.) Version 2 adds an undo—at the expense of requiring you to click the plus sign shown after you play each set of seven letters to draw again—and should be much more tablet-friendly than version 1.
Poker Squared version 1
Poker Squared is a solitaire card game in which you manipulate cards in a five-by-five square to form poker hands. It’s written in HTML and JavaScript. There is nothing to download; the link will open in a new browser window and you can begin playing.
Coises’ Quintzee version 1.1 (Java 6)
Coises’ Quintzee is a computer simulation of a classic “Poker Dice” game which you can play in solitaire mode or against a virtual opponent.
Slicker version 1.0.1 (Java 6)
Slicker is a single-player board/puzzle game in which you slide and click tiles to remove them from the board.
Vipanatra version 1.0 (Windows XP and later)
Vipanatra is a Video Poker Analyzer and Trainer.
WordStorm version 2.1.1 (Win32)
WordStorm is a single-player word game in which you complete words with missing letters.
Numbers version 2.0 (Win32)
Numbers is a calculator for Windows designed to be quick and easy to use while working on other things; it has a compact interface and can display results as decimals or fractions, in scientific notation, in unsigned or two’s complement hexadecimal notation, or in degrees or hours, minutes and seconds.
SwiftKey version 1.0.2 (Win2000/XP/Vista)
SwiftKey is an automatic typing program designed to make it easy to insert phrases or blocks of text quickly nearly anywhere you can type.
Launcher version 2.0a (Win32)
Launcher is a small utility for launching programs that require DDE from applications that provide only a command line by which to invoke external modules.
MonitorSleep version 1.0 (Win32)
MonitorSleep is a simple utility you can reference in a shortcut to change the timeout value for your monitor to go into “sleep” mode.
US-1252 version 1.0 (Win32)
US-1252 is a Windows keyboard layout for US keyboards designed to allow easy entry of characters in the Windows-1252 character set without interfering with familiar US-ASCII typing.
VOBDNorm version 1.0 (Win32)
VOBDNorm is a command-line utility that copies a VOB while modifying the “dialog normalization” values in the AC-3 audio stream(s) it contains.