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Vipanatra is a Video Poker Analyzer and Trainer.

Windows installer for Vipanatra

version 1.0 build 1 (install package for Windows XP and later; 17MB)

Also available: C++/Qt source archive (8.4MB)

Source is included in the install package; download the source archive only if you want to examine the source but cannot or do not want to install the program. Vipanatra 1.0 uses Qt 5.0.2.

The pattern of the Vipanatra icon and the designs of the cards used in Vipanatra are from the vector-playing-cards project at Google Code.

Vipanatra 1.0 is designed to run on Windows XP or later. A screen size of at least 1024x768 is recommended.

Screenshots and Features

Vipanatra main window Vipanatra cash in / cash out dialog Vipanatra cash in / cash out dialog

  • Simulates real video poker machine play while helping you learn to play better.
  • Play using the mouse or the keyboard.
  • Includes over 100 pay tables for Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker and Deuces Wild families of video poker games.
  • Shows the best holds for each deal along with a statistical breakdown of their expected values.
  • Keeps statistics about your play for each paytable.
  • Four training modes and the option to reveal the expected value of holds before the draw let you choose how much help you need while you are learning.
  • Hand analysis features let you set up a specific problem, or change the cards to see how differences in the deal affect the best play.